Web3 NFT


Drop in man hours


Reduction in cost



  • Leading NFT marketplace in the country
  • Allowing buyers to buy NFTs
  • Multiple payment gateways to collect payments
  • Proprietary order management system
  • Multiple bank accounts
  • Manually managing finance operations
  • Revenue leakage and overpayments
  • Issue in reporting & tracking
  • 99% reduction in man hours
  • 65% reduction in cost with 100% accuracy
  • Complete automation of the finance operations
Really recommend it. The Kosh product is very intuitive and we found the learning curve to be really short. We were upto the speed in no time. Along with multiple payment gateways, the product was able to ingest data from our proprietary order management system. We are able to easily track revenue leakage and overpayments.

A leading NFT company offers a platform for buying and selling NFTs. It uses several payment gateways and multiple bank accounts to manage its transactions. It tracks all transactions via its proprietary order management system which is designed to streamline the buying and selling process.


The finance team team was managing finance operations manually. As the scale of business operations grew, the size of the finops team increased rather linearly, causing issues with efficiency and accuracy. The manual process was time-consuming, and lacked accuracy due to manual errors in financial reporting. The lack of monitoring, tracking, and visibility made it difficult to identify and resolve issues. The team also experienced revenue leakage and overpayments, causing financial losses.


The company implemented Kosh to address these issues. Kosh completely automated the finance operations, bringing centralization and making it easier to monitor and track transactions. The automation definitely reduced the time it took to reconcile and report financial data with total accuracy. Kosh is automatically fetching the data from payment gateways as well as from the proprietary order management system. Once the data has been ingested, the system reconciles transactions in real time, removing any dependency on human intervention.


With Kosh, the company experienced a 99% reduction in man-hours. The software is 100% accurate in financial reporting, giving the team peace of mind and ensuring that it can make informed decisions. The centralized system has made it easier to track and monitor transactions, preventing revenue leakage and reducing the risk of overpayments. Moreover, the software is completely scalable, allowing the company to grow its business without any issues.

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