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Finance Operations


Move financial operations to auto pilot mode with Kosh's flexible solutions for different industries 


Ensure complete accuracy and track any unresolved issues in reconciliation across the lifecycle of transactions.  


Use Kosh to scale your business operationally as well as geographically. 

How it works

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Plug & Play

Kosh is designed with plug-and-play philosophy.  The system can ingest, reconcile, and analyze data from any platform, may it be internal or external.  For instance, the system is designed to take the following data as inputs: payment gateway reports, internal reports, bank statements, & aggregator data.


Fast & Smart

Automate financial operations in hours with a platform built for speed. 

An interactive dashboard that compiles and shows high level view of all transactions with features to track down a particular transaction.  A central repository of all the the transactions from the beginning of time.  Share the dashboard with your customers to track in DIY fashion. 

How it works

Kosh helped us reduce the time and cost almost by 60% while increasing the accuracy and scalability of our financial operations.

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