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Kosh integrates and blends with your IT infrastructure.
No dependency on your tech team.
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Order Management Systems

Pulls data from OMS or transaction tracking system in any format.

Payment Gateways

Integrates with payment intermediaries across the globe; nocoding needed.

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Pulls data from OMS or transaction tracking system in any format.

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Seamlessly fetches data and docks entries in the accounting systems.


Analyzes data from ERPs in any syntax and format.


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An encompassing suite of products to holistically automate finance operations.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Before Kosh, our financial tasks were laborious. Thanks to Kosh, we streamlined operations with a 99.9% time reduction and 25% cost savings.

Manoj Jhanjhi

Rotary exceeded our expectations, automating our entire financial workflow. We saw a 99% drop in man-hours and a significant 65% cost reduction in our financial operations

Derek Mathews

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Kosh has been a game-changer for our complex payment industry. It simplified our operations from data handling to tracking, easing regulatory challenges

Jithin Sreedhar

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Kosh brought efficiency to our P2P lending. With 97% less man-hours and a 60% cost reduction, it automated operations seamlessly.

Aditya Chintawar

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Kosh simplified our complex finance tasks, providing accurate reporting. The Kosh team's ongoing support is fantastic

Ankit Arora

Arvind Fashions
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Kosh's user-friendly design made learning easy. It smoothly integrated with our systems, allowing us to prevent revenue loss and overpayments effortlessly.

Priyesh Karia


Case Studies

About Kosh is a software platform that automates finance reconciliation and operations from any source in realtime.

Manually managing finance reconciliation and operations is time consuming and is quite inefficient.  The manual approach suffers from issues like lack of tracking, monitoring and reporting. The manual approach cannot be used to manage scale and thus leads to capacity issues. automates manual processes end-to-end. The platform is used by customers to automate processes like reconciliation, treasury, payouts, and ledgers. The platform can ingest data automatically or manually from any source like order management systems, CRMs, ERPs, data warehouses, payment gateways, bank statements, etc. The number of sources can be any and the platform can ingest data in any raw format removing any need to change the data formats. Since the platform automates processes end-to-end, it normalizes and de-duplicates the data before the reconciliation step.  The actionable insights are published in purpose-built dashboards and reports.

The Kosh platform performs delivers exceptional value for customers that witness high volume or number of transactions. The platform is used by companies in industries like fintech, lending, insurance, and retail. The platform helps customers reduce cycle time by 99% by doing reconciliation real time. This helps customers in increasing the capacity of their finance team while ensuring accuracy of the process. The platform also helps automate workflows like report generations, request approvals, etc.


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