Real-Life Case Studies

Real-World Success Stories: In-Depth Analyses of Our Notable Client Engagements

Web3 NFT

A web3 NFT company automated finance reconciliation between its order management system and multiple payment partners.

web3 NFT company automated finance reconciliation 


A large fashion conglomerate with complex company structure automated its treasury operations with complete accuracy.

Retail industry reconciliation


A payment aggregator improved finances and reduced compliance issues by automating finance operations.

Payment Aggregator

Digital Lending

A peer-to-peer lending platform smoothened its finance operations, cutting cost and man hours.

Peer-to-peer lending platform


A leading non-profit removed dependency on manual efforts to free up volunteers time on more mission critical activities.

Non-profit removed dependency on manual efforts


A family tech company automated its finance operations starting from revenue reconciliation, to expense management to accounting entries.

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